Frantz aka Face 

Who are you?
— Steven aka 5am

When I first started they told me,"I ain't know sh*t about fashion." I told them, "Fashion don't know sh*t about me!" My name is Frantz and they call me "Face." I'm a creative and I have a clothing line called Frantzyface Clothing. It's all about being yourself and facing yourself. I spread love, peace, and fashion in the world. 

Why do you do the art that you do?
— Steven aka 5am

This Art, we call fashion chose me. Four years ago I did not know anything about fashion. Yet creating this art is everything I know. It's therapeutic for me. I really love my designs. I want to share this message of love, peace, & fashion to the world. My supporters are real people dealing with real life just like me. To hear them say, "Face you inspire me." That means everything to me because on the real, they also inspire me. Running into someone wearing Frantzyface they are really happy to meet me, but the thing is they don't understand the happiness that they bring to my heart. I guess that's why I do it "for the people."

What are your future plans?
— Steven aka 5am

The plan is to take over the world lol. All jokes aside, I just want to get better at the "Craft." I want to open up a boutique and spread more love, peace, and fashion.