Inspired by Kill Bill 

But from a Brothers perspective and a fashion perspective

I like to work with stories in our heads. 

This is the story of two Brother assassins about to embark on a mission they may not return from.

Imagine that they have come to the city one last time to experience themselves as the brothers they once were. 

They are dressed in coats and their track suits.

This is our story. 

A story that may begin with," A do you remember that time...." 

Pictures below reflect the mood and style of the day. 


Needs 2 models Male preferable brown to dark skin. 

Stylist is already locked in. All you would need to bring are clean all white sneakers.

Location TBA: Manhattan/Brooklyn outdoors highly likely. Indoor studio less so.  

See below for the mood of the shoot.

Remember these images are not my images please see links above for my work.

Model release is mandatory to work with me and on this project.

Video will be taken the day of the shoot to capture some interactions between the two brothers.