This Woman's Work 

(The images included in this moodboard are not made by or owned by Ines nor Steven Jermaine.)


"A woman's role in a man's life is critical." 

If you have a dope village of Black women, a Black man is better than ever. One positive woman in your life can bring about a lot of change. This project aims to bring image to these words. 


This shoot is about a woman's importance in a man's life. 10 men in black suits will interplay with one woman in various scenes. 


"Not to take away from a man but from the moment a woman gives birth, she is called to nurture, teach, and lead in a way that speaks to her strength as a woman. It's a different strength than that of a man... Not better just different." 


"How have the women in your lives affected you?" 


L'avventura Claudia surrounded by men in Noto.jpg

Potential Clothes

All blaack suit or A mix of colored suits (still being debated) 

But a suit. 


If you agree to participate please click this link and fill out the information within. Thank you so much, Ines Henriquez.